Dr. Asia Muhammad, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Practice: Lavender Roots Health & Wellness

Dr. Muhammad, ND has committed her practice to honoring the power of lifestyle modification to achieve optimal health. She has a special interest in GI health, evidenced in her practice’s focus on gastroenterology, as well as mind-body medicine, and stress management. Dr. Muhammad provides her patients individualized attention and evidence-based naturopathic solutions, including food, movement, botanicals, supplementation, and hypnosis. When she’s not working, she likes to play the piano, dance, and explore new foods. Learn more about Dr. Muhammad at asiamuhammad.com. asiamuhammad.com

Dr. Asia's Tips For
A Healthy Microbiome

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The human body contains more bacteria in the gut than actual body cells. From a numbers perspective, we are mostly bacteria. The importance of the microbiome in health and disease cannot be overstated. Dysfunction in the intestinal microbiome can be found in the literature amongst almost every chronic disease.
I believe the gastrointestinal system is the most fascinating system in the body. My interest in the microbiome was born out of clinical experience during residency. During my training, I managed many patients with intestinal dysbiosis, ranging from bloating to alcoholic cirrhosis. I was able to witness how simple dietary changes were able to positively alter the course of disease. Research into the human microbiome is burgeoning and I believe we have only tasted of what is to come with regards to the useful application of targeted microbiome therapies.
Apples! Apples are a wonderful source of fiber. Fiber is the most important food for facilitating a healthy microbiome and growing beneficial bacteria. In America, we don’t consume enough fiber per the recommended guidelines. Simple ways to increase fiber include blending fruit or veggies into a smoothie. Adequate fiber intake is associated with lower risk of colorectal cancer as well as other positive health implications.
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