Dr. Elizabeth Wade, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Elizabeth specializes in reproductive health, infertility, environmental medicine, and autoimmune disease. She is committed to staying up to date in the world of microbiome research and sees her doing so as fundamental in her ability to get to the root cause of her patients’ health concerns. Dr. Elizabeth offers one-on-one health consultations at her private practice in Portland, OR to ensure everyone has access to the information needed to reverse or prevent disease in the most effective and least invasive ways possible. Learn more about Dr. Elizabeth Wade at drelizabethwade.com. drelizabethwade.com

Dr. Elizabeth's Tips For
A Healthy Microbiome

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As a Naturopathic doctor, I was trained to address a patient's health by looking at the body as a whole and exploring root causes that lead to the manifestation of symptoms and disease. Since all chronic diseases can be traced back to the gut, it is essential to address gut health if I want to support root-cause healing.
I can’t pick one, so here’s 2! Trust your body, intuition and nature. The body will speak up with signs and symptoms when something is out of balance. Listen and be willing to respond in a way that is supportive instead of suppressive. It is important to respect the profound intelligence of the natural world and work with it, instead of against it. Humans share an incredible amount of biodiversity with nature as we are more bacteria than human cells. Supporting your individual and home ecosystems (microbiomes) as much as possible is a great insurance plan for long-term health.
Hippocrates said “All disease begins in the gut." Fast forward 2,500 years and we have the research to prove he was right. We live in a time where we have to be proactive in protecting our gut microbiomes due to the amount of environmental toxins and stress that are part of modern life. The gut microbiome influences every aspect of our well being from immune function to hormones and chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, cancer, allergies, asthma as well as mental and emotional health concerns like depression and anxiety. I have yet to see one condition in practice that hasn’t been helped by supporting a healthy gut microbiome.
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