Meet the
BetterBiome Collective

In the spirit of how many biomes thrive in community with one another, Kiran envisioned a multidisciplinary team of experts coming together to form BetterBiome's Collective--the whole greater than the sum of its parts

Dr. Nicole Beurkens,
Licensed Psychologist and Board Certified Nutrition Specialist

Dr. Alejandra Carrasco,
Family Medicine and Integrative and Holistic Medicine Doctor

Dr. Maya Shetreat,
Neurologist, Herbalist, Urban Farmer, and Author of The Dirt Cure

Asia Muhammad
Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Michelle Perro, MD, DHOM
Integrative Pediatrician

Dr. Elizabeth Wade,
Naturopathic Doctor

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the BetterBiome Collectives?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in holistic health. You understand the human body isn’t a mechanical hodgepodge of separate parts--stomach, skin, heart, lungs, etc.

You may be excited that you live at a time in history when doctors and scientists are getting a real glimpse into how the human body functions.

You might even find yourself inspired by the fact that human health relies so heavily on the tiny microbes that make up our inner and outer ecosystems, also known as biomes.

The Importance of Community

At BetterBiome, we understand, similar to the dynamic human body, that science doesn’t evolve in a bubble. It requires the cross-pollination of ideas, dialogue, and peer-review—it requires community.

This need for community inspired BetterBiome Co-Founder and Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan. Kiran has spent his entire academic and professional career studying microbes: how they function with and optimize one another as a collective and how they impact GI health. In his research, Kiran realized we know more about the microbiome communities at the bottom of the ocean than we do about the microbiome within our own bodies. Instead, he came to see the microbiome as a vast, largely unexplored frontier, much like outer space.


The BetterBiome Podcast guides you to explore the universe within

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