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Your Gut Microbiome
and Biome Education center

Do you or someone you love struggle with:

Digestive problems?

Hormonal imbalances?

Mood Disorders or brain imbalances?

Skin problems?

Each of these issues finds its roots in one or more human biome (yes, there are more biomes than just the gut microbiome!). To effectively heal and thrive, we must understand and intelligently support each of our inner and outer biomes.

Our Philosophy
About the Gut Microbiome
and Health

The gut microbiome is the central command center for other biomes that affect us. The other microbiomes that impact you and your ecosystem include but are not limited to those of the skin, mouth, vagina, home, pet, and garden (soil).

Simply put, anything you put in you, on you, or around you matters significantly when it comes to your health.

There’s a ton of misinformation out there that’s heavily marketing-focused. BetterBiome is your antidote. We’re committed to providing you with objective information. We’re not a star-authority site. We’re a collective of expert voices with only one agenda: to help you improve all of your biomes. We achieve this:

Explore the universe within in 15-minute info-packed podcast episodes, hosted by Kiran Krishnan and Dr. Nicole Beurkens, in dialogue with special guest experts. Our multidisciplinary collective of doctors and health practitioners will teach you about the gut microbiome and all of the other biomes that impact your health.

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