Dr. Alejandra Carrasco, MD, IFMC

Family Medicine and Integrative and Holistic Medicine Doctor

A board-certified physician, Dr. Carrasco, is the bestselling author of Bloom: 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Health, Cultivate Your Desires, and Reignite Your Spark, as well as a wife and mom of three. She founded the Austin, TX functional and integrative medicine practice, Nourish Medicine, and co-founded the online resource for moms and motherhood, Hey Mami. Dr. Carrasco holds board-certifications through the American Board of Family Medicine, and the Institute of Functional Medicine. Learn more about Dr. Carrasco at nourishmedicine.com. nourishmedicine.com

Dr. Alejandra's Tips For
A Healthy Microbiome

Dr. Nicole's Top Picks


Spend time outdoors! Spending time outdoors not only helps with our stress response, but it exposes our bodies to nature’s microbiome, which in turn strengthens our microbiome.
I love Bifidobacterium species. Not only does this species promote health and longevity, but bifidobacterium are found in guts of breast-fed infants. I love the health-producing symbiotic relationship between humans and bifidobacterium!
Laughter is the best medicine. It’s free and powerful - it makes endorphins which are anti-inflammatory, boost your mood, and decrease the stress response.
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