All-In-One Prebiotics and Probiotics Chews for Gut Health

The PrecisionBiotics® Synbiotic is a daily soft chew with spore-based probiotics and probiotics to support a healthy gut microbiome for adults and children.

The PrecisionBiotics® Synbiotic is a daily soft chew with spore-based probiotics and probiotics to support a healthy gut microbiome for adults and children.


  • Do you struggle with juggling so many different products to get your daily probiotics, prebiotics, and vitamins—on top of eating enough fruits and veggies?
  • Are you inconsistent when it comes to taking your supplements because doing so feels like such a chore? Would you rather have a headache than battle with your kids to take their probiotics and vitamins on a daily basis?
  • Do you feel frustrated in your search for a high-quality sugar-free nutritional chew?

Look no further than the PrecisionBiotics® Synbiotic Soft Chews, the all-in-one daily whole-food sugar-free chews, packed with vitamins, prebiotics, and probiotics for gut health. They’re designed to support healthy digestion, but because the gut microbiome has far-reaching effects, they’re foundational for whole-body health.

Our chews are way more convenient than swallowing capsules. Plus, they’re shelf-stable, so you can even take them with you wherever you go.

They’re also delicious! Our team has likened them to Starburst®—no joke. You and your kids (yes, your kids) will actually want to take these chews on a daily basis (hello, healthy gut microbiome! Hello, healthy family!). And did we mention they’re dentist-approved? (Hello, happy parents!)

Key Benefits of PrecisionBiotics® Synbiotic Soft Chews

The list is long when it comes to the benefits of probiotics, and, more specifically, the benefits of spore probiotics for gut health and beyond. The Bacillus spore probiotics in PrecisionBiotics® Synbiotic Soft Chews

Supports digestion, and therefore nutrient absorption

Can significantly improve bloating, gas, and loose stools.

Supports healthy skin, due to gut-skin axis activity

Supports healthy mood and behavior, due to the gut-brain connection.

Supports hormone balance because the gut microbiome also acts as an endocrine organ.

They’re sugar-free, so they support dental health.

Support digestion.

Maintain healthy gut barriers and have been shown to reduce biomarkers of leaky gut by 40% in as little as 30 days

Help support the liver and healthy detoxification

Promote healthy immune function.

Promote healthy weight maintenance by activating genes to help you reprogram your metabolism.

Support oral health.

Our spore probiotics are also

  • Delivered in a 100% highly-stable spore state.
  • Heat tolerant and never need to be refrigerated.
  • Durable, demonstrating 99.99% gastric survivability, so they get where they’re supposed to go.
  • Powerful antioxidants (Bacillus indicus HU36™).

PrecisionBiotics® Synbiotic Soft Chews are chock-full of powerful spore probiotics for optimal gut health.

The Best Probiotics for Gut Health

We believe the best probiotics for gut health are spore probiotics, due in part to their excellent survival rates during digestion. Spore probiotics can also recondition the gut quite effectively in order to support healthy digestion, metabolism, skin, immune function, and more.

These life-changing benefits make sense when you consider Bacillus spores have benefited humankind since the dawn of time. In fact, Bacillus spores were around long before humans, benefitting the likes of prehistoric creatures.

For thousands of years, our ancestors regularly consumed Bacillus spores. Historically, spores would travel from host to host by way of soil, forming a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship with their human hosts. But modern civilization’s excessively sterile environment has resulted in reduced exposure to our helper Bacillus spores, which, in turn, has resulted in decreased resistance to opportunistic infection. This means we need to supplement with spore probiotics on a daily basis to safeguard the gut microbiome, optimize nutrient absorption, and support the gastrointestinal barrier.

Fortunately, PrecisionBiotics® Synbiotic Soft Chews are chock-full of spore probiotics—Bacillus indicus HU36™, Bacillus subtilis HU58™, Bacillus clausiiSC109, and Bacillus coagulans SC208.

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The Best Prebiotics

While it’s critical to focus on probiotics for gut health, probiotics wouldn’t be anywhere without prebiotics. Even the best probiotics for gut health are optimized when they’re delivered alongside the best prebiotics. It’s no coincidence the best prebiotics can be found in PrecisionBiotics® Synbiotic Soft Chews.

What exactly are prebiotics? Prebiotics are a kind of non-digestible fiber that feed our gut bacteria. Unfortunately, the majority of prebiotics on the market can feed not only beneficial gut bacteria, but the pathogenic kinds as well. This can wreak all kinds of havoc on digestion, nutrient absorption, and overall health.

The best prebiotics specifically feed protective keystone bacteria, which are often otherwise compromised by the likes of antibiotics, diet, stress, and pesticides/herbicides.

PrecisionBiotics® Synbiotic Soft Chews contain xylooligosaccharides (XOS), a clinically-tested prebiotic sourced from non-GMO corn cob.3 XOS feeds protective keystone bacteria and can increase microbial diversity to support a healthy gut microbiome.

Suggested Use

Ages 4+: Consume 1 soft chew daily with or without a meal.
Potential choking hazard for children. Supervise children when consuming. Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication. Keep out of reach of children.

Natural Vitamin K2

We may have designed PrecisionBiotics® Synbiotic Soft Chews with 100% RDA levels of naturally sourced vitamins from a fruit and vegetable blend, along with prebiotics, and probiotics for gut health. But we didn’t stop there. We made sure to include100 mcg of natural soy-free vitamin K2 in its MK-7 form (K2-7) for two reasons

  • More so than any other vitamin, nearly all Western diets are deficient in K2 because it’s missing from the food supply
  • Long-term large-scale studies have demonstrated K2-7 is a critical nutrient for bone, heart, and nerve health, as well as blood sugar balance.

This makes daily supplementation of vitamin K2 necessary for optimal health. Fortunately, PrecisionBiotics® Synbiotic Soft Chews have you and your family covered.

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